SB Dunk Low Pro "Stay Home" - Special Box

The Shoe:

  • Reconstructed from a SB Dunk Low Pro OG "Night of Mischief"  BQ6817-006
  • Obsidian suede
  • Neon green ostrich embossed leather
  • Glow in the dark and neon crinkle patent leather double swooshes
  • Glow in the dark soles
  • Glow in the dark "Stay Home" heel embroidery
  • "Visible enemy" rear quarter embroidery
  • Graphic insoles w/ "helpers vs haters" motif
  • Dimple dot minky liner
  • Glitter-piped, bag-seamed tongues
  • Dark metallic glitter heel tabs
  • airthirtytwo's wildest dream cobranding

Special Box accessories include:

  • Containment unit
  • Emergency kit: SB toilet paper, Care32 hand sanitizer, surgical mask
  • Special edition packaging
  • Hang tags / extra laces
  • Probably something else, idk what yet


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