Our Voice FAQ

Is this a raffle? 

Can I buy a pair?

Is there going to be an auction?

Why not?
Cause there's already too much money involved in elections.

Well how do I get a pair then?
I'm going to give a pair away. But only to somebody on my FNF list who doesn't already have a pair from me. Cool thing is, everybody on the list currently already has a pair, so the next person on the list will end up w/ these.

Damn, how do I get on your FNF list?
Actually you're in luck, I have one slot open. One thing tho, there's lots of ppl that want the slot so I'm gonna pick one of the people doing our #32thevote hashtag challenge to add to the list. 

What's the #32thevote hashtag challenge?
Well instagram just shut down the 'recent' tab in hashtags till after the election to try and limit misinformation, which is great but that also means we can't just have a normal hashtag challenge..

So basically just post an "I voted" IG story on election day, tag @airthirtytwo, and include the #32thevote hashtag. Also fill out this form. (needs to be both. no exceptions.)

But my profile is private so u wont be able to see it.
Sucks bro.

So you're giving away a pair of shoes as an incentive to vote?
Absolutely not, that's illegal. I'm giving a pair of shoes to a new friend as a gift. 

Ahhh, I got u.

Wait how will I know if I won?
If I follow you on IG late on Tuesday night, you won. 


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