Release FAQ

How will airthirtytwo releases work?

The vision I have for airthirtytwo is to create themed art projects, based around a heavily customized sneaker, to raise money for a cause or a charity that we (my wife and I) feel connected to for one reason or another.
Each release will only have (2) pieces available to the public.

(1) "Special Box" version.

This one will include the themed packaging, accessories, whatever else I come up with.. This is the actual project.

Special Box versions will be auctioned. Highest bidder takes the piece. It's that simple. Auction winner is responsible for providing their donor shoe, or can be billed separately for us to source it for them (at whatever it cost me off stockx/goat/etc).

(1) "Normal Box" version.

This will only include the sneaker customization and minor accessories. It will come in a modified version of the factory box the donor sneaker came in.

Normal box versions will be released in a drawing, where each $10 donation will count as an entry. The winner will not be required to purchase anything. Their donor shoe will be paid for from the proceeds of the drawing.

Why not do wider releases? Why not sell your work directly?

  • First, this allows me to take things to an extreme level of detail that wouldn't be as feasible on a mass-produced, made-for-retail product.
  • Second, whether we like it or not, exclusivity drives desirability and 'hype'… which I'm trying to harness a little in an effort to do some good, and inspire others to help and love one another.
  • Third, I want everybody to have a chance. I want you and Travis Scott to be the only two mfs in the world w/ the piece.. Not the dude who has the best bot, or the 20 dudes who DM'd me $XXXX offers.. You.

How will you handle the money? How do I know my donation will make it to the charity?

All proceeds will go to the charity we're raising money for. At least for now, time, materials, operations, etc will come out of my pocket. These causes actually mean something to me, so I want it to be 10000% clear that this is not-even-slightly-for-profit.

We intend to publish detailed accounts of our financials after each event, even starting now, with the Stay Home Dunk drop.

Furthermore, I recently incorporated carethirtytwo inc, and we're in the process of formalizing our non-profit status which will help us lower operating costs, involve more people in projects, and hopefully start to establish a track record for accountability and transparency.

A few people have asked if they can donate directly to airthirtytwo to help me offset those costs. Currently our 501c(3) is application is processing, so we're looking into options in the meantime, but if that doesn't work out, tbh I'm not that worried about it. I appreciate the gesture and hope that in the future we'll grow it to something much bigger that those who've offered to help will be able to have a part in.

Can I just buy one? What if I pay you like.. A LOT, bro?

Nah man that defeats the purpose. I appreciate the interest but that's not what this is about for me. I have a lot of friends that are highly skilled sneakermakers and I can definitely refer you for a commission if you're serious and understand the service vs product nature of bespoke shoes. If you want my shoes specifically you've gotta win them like everybody else.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

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